Thetford Cassette Tank Cleaner 1ltr


A powerful fluid for periodical cleaning and maintenance.

Cassette Tank Cleaner easily removes stubborn calcium deposits that can form on the moving parts and walls of the tank… no scrubbing required!

Cassette Tank Cleaner thoroughly cleans the waste-holding tank and prolongs its life span.



Before storing your camper, caravan or motor home, always clean the waste-holding tank with Cassette Tank Cleaner. By cleaning the tank regularly, the moving parts will keep functioning properly, resulting in longer product life. Pour 300ml Cassette Tank Cleaner in a rinsed out tank and fill it with at least 5l lukewarm water. Shake the tank several times and set it down, leaving it to stand for 24 hours before emptying it. After emptying, your waste-holding tank will be as good as new. Allow the tank to dry by leaving the blade open and leave the blade open in storage. Using Thetford Cassette Tank Cleaner before you store your camper, caravan or motor home will give you a fresh start at the beginning of your next holiday adventure.

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