Waeco Mobitronioc 100W CanSize Inverter


Perfectly round, the CanSize Inverter comes with exactly the same outer dimensions as a drink can. A power inverter can be a really handy for running smalll electronic devices such as your Laptop, DVD Player or Video/Camera, perfect for your Boat, Car, RV, Motorhome or Caravan.



  • Firm and secure hold in the drinks can holder
  • Mobile energy for 240 volt low-power consumers
  • Light-weight, round and super-compact
  • Acoustic alarm when voltage drop below 10.7V
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Electronic short circuit protection
  • Automatic low voltage shutdown


Additional Information

Model Mobitrontic 100W
Input Voltage 12V DC (10V - 15V)
Output Voltage 240V AC
Peak/Continuous Power


Dimensions (mm) 66(W) x 173(L)
Weight 480g



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