230V 16A Male Cord Connector


230V 16A Male Cord Connector - Only

The OPTIMA Series sockets with the “SAFE-IN” safety device guarantee a higher level of safety in comparison with ordinary industrial sockets, especially in environments where there may be children present or people who have not been trained about electrical dangers (public areas, amusement parks, campgrounds, open markets, etc.).



  • Quick opening/closing system for the hand grip of the relative module in stainless steel (SNAP-ON device)
  • Terminal screws orientated in a single direction and retracted (for the versions with screw terminals)
  • Insulation perforating terminals for 16A versions with phase recognition by means of different coloured terminals
  • “SAFE-IN" safety device to prevent direct contacts with linear objects
  • Halogen-free engineering polymer
  • Nickel-plated pins to maintain excellent electrical contact over time



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