Biomagic works with nature by supplying large amounts of oxygen to the bacteria. This enables faster waste breakdown and without the bacteria producing any odour.
Biomagic is completely consumed by the bacteria. No chemical or residue is added to the enviroment.

5 Litre = Approx 82 Doses



  • Cassettes up to 20L: Add 60ml with ½L of water via bowl before use
  • Top Tank: Recommended 50ml to help keep syste clean
  • Grey Water: Approx 100ml to 100L of grey water via sink or shower to eliminate odor.



  • Removes odour
  • Suitable for black and grey water
  • Fast waste breakdown
  • No chemical smell
  • Safe on the skin
  • Non staining
  • Septic tank safe
  • Suitable for long drops

Directions for usage

  • Cassettes up to 20 litres: add 60ml (eggcup) via the bowl before use. This should last until your normal emptying time. If odour returns it means the Biomagic has been used up. If not ready to empty the cassette simply add another dose of Biomagic.
  • Top Tank:Add 50ml which will keep the bowl and seal clean.
  • Grey Water:Add approx. 100ml to 100litres of grey water via the sink/showerdrains to elimate odour.



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