White Solar Panel Bracket - 7 Piece Kit


Solar Panel Corner Moulds, Side Mounts with Cable Entry Gland provide you a easy way to mount solar panels on the caravan, camper or boat without damaging the surface. These can be bonded to metal or fiberglass, no need to drill holes. The large contact area makes a sturdy support, better than using metal strips that need to screwed or riveted to the surface.


** Thinking about DIY Installation?**
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  • Set of four universal solar panel corner mounts, 2 Solar Side Mounts with Waterproof Solar cable block are made from UV resistant ABS plastic, Environment Friendly and UV Resistance
  • Can be used with any aluminium framed solar panel that has a side length of 30cm or more
  • The mounts are ready to fix to solar panel and surface. If drilling, all fixing positions are marked on the brackets
  • The mounts can be safely bonded to the surface regardless to drill holes
  • The panel corner moulds protect the corners of the solar panels from damage
  • Anti-reflective coating improves light absorption
  • The mounts also act as a wind deflector and maintain a cooling air gap between the solar panel and the roof top / deck
  • Color: White
  • Material: ABS Plastic (Hard durable plastic)
  • Package Includes: 4x Corner Moulds 2x Side Mounts 1x Waterproof Solar Cable Entry Gland


Additional Information

Model White - 7 Piece Kit
Corner Mould Dimensions (mm)

150(L) x 60(H) x 85(W)

175(L) x 85(W) x 60(H)

Cable Entry Dimensions (mm) 95(L) x 85(W) x 46(H) 


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