RV Buy Backs

We offer a guaranteed Buy Back agreement for travellers who want a vehicle to tour New Zealand for 6 to 12 months.  This is a great way for you to feel secure about selling your vehicle when you leave the country or have finished with it.

We will buy a vehicle back from you for 60% of the purchase price.  We will both sign a buy back agreement and agree to meet the terms and conditions. 

In breif these conditions are:

  • You return the RV in good working order
  •  It has travelled less than 35,000 kms
  • It has been serviced
  • There is no accident damage
  •  It is returned with a current WOF (a Warrant of Fitness is New Zealand's certificate of roadworthiness)

We only have a few Buy Back agreements available per year, so please ask us if we are still able to offer one to you when you are planning to travel.

Enquire further about our Buy Backs guarantee using our contact form or phone us on 07  575 5612.

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